Forum Member Rules at SelenaChat.Com

ThisĀ forum was created for your enjoyment and to
talk with other fans about Selena. We want to keep the
board fun, a place for everyone to enjoy. Please do your part in
keeping the board safe and fun for everyone by
following some simple rules:

1. No foul language, fighting, disrespecting Selena
or any board member will be tolerated. Do not respond
to posts that are disrespectful or rude mannered or
you will be facing the same action as the other
involved parties. The board is monitored and the
appropriate action will be taken for those that do so.
This will mean removal from the board.

2. Please do not register multiple nicknames. If you
have forgotten your password, this can be sent to you
via the forgotton link. Do not email any of the Moderators or the Administrator
to retrieve your password. This can be done right from the board.

3. Please do your best to post your topics in the
correct forum. In doing this, you will be able to sort
through the topics easily.

4. Please note that advertisements, chain letters,
pyramid schemes, unauthorized items on ebay and solicitations are inappropriate
on this bulletin board and such posts will be removed accordingly.

5. If you have a problem with the board at any time, please contact the Admistrator or a moderator for
help. Do not call us at Q-Productions about any board problems. All problems are handled by the Moderators.

Thank you!

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