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Author Topic: Death Of A Friendship
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Post Death Of A Friendship
on: February 24, 2013, 17:34

Hello everyone I just wanted your feedback on a story I wrote.

Chapter 1
Rose was fed up with the way Mela was treating her and she wasn't going to take it anymore. What was her problem anyway Rose never have done anything bad towards her so why the hell is she acting like this. Rose grabs her keys and went over to Mela's house to figure out what the hell is wrong with her best friend. Fifteen minutes later Rose is banging on Melanie door.
"What?" Melanie Ash answer the door
"What I'll tell you what?" Rosemary Jones push Melanie Ash out of her way
Mela couldn't figure out when she calls Rose over and so early. As she shut the door and makes her way to the kitchen to grab a cup of coffee all she hear is banging coming from her living room. She is not happy about this all she wants is some peace and quiet and she can't do it when Rose banging around in her living room.
"What the hell is your problem Rosemary?" Mela ask
"You!" Rose yelled
Now Melanie is awake and she had no clue what Rose is talking about but she is about, to find out.
"What are you talking about?" Mela ask
"Oh I see we have calm down but that doesn't excuse your behavior what the hell did I do for you to be this mean to me?" Rose asks
"Hu?" Mela ask
"Don't act stupid you know I hate that." Rose told her
Mela wasn't aware that they were fighting but honest to goodness she has not idea what Rose is talking about. She put her index finger up to Rose to tell her to hold on a second while she went into the kitchen to grab her coffee. When she returns she gestures both of them sit at the kitchen table so she can grasp what is going on.
"Okay now what? I wasn't aware we are fighting?" Mela told Rose
"We're not you have been such a jerk to me and I want to know what's up?" Rose ask
"Nothing." Mela told her friend
"I figure you would say that. So you will be hearing your doorbell go" Rose told her
Mela head turns towards the door and sure enough the doorbell rang. Mela hopes this day doesn't get any more stranger because her head is still spinning from Rose banging around her living room. She reach the door and opens it to find the girls at her doorstep. She greets them and they all ask where Rose is she points to the living room.
"Morning Rose how is it going?" The gang ask
"How do you think it's going?" Rose answer
"That bad huh?" Jackie said
Rose hopes they will be some kind of help but with questions and answers like this she might have to rethink this plan. Then the doorbell rang again Rose look at the girls with one brow arch.
"The guys who else?" The girls said
Rose shook her head in disbelief but glad they called back up. Mela open the door again to find her guys friends staring at her this time around. Now she knows she is in some hot water but she doesn't know why or what she did to get in this mess.
"Morning guys and what do I owe this visit?" Mela ask
"The girls of course." The guys answer
"Of course the girls they are with Rose in the living room." Mela told them
The guys went to where they saw the girls and greeting them and Melanie shut her door and follow the guys because now that everyone is in her house there will be a meeting. Every time everyone gets together there's always a meeting but she is afraid to ask who the meeting is about because she might already know the answer to that question.
"Now that we are are all together the meeting can start." Rose said
"Why is it that we need a meeting about whatever we are about to have a meeting about?" Mela ask Rose
"Well since you ask because it's important like all of our meetings. This meeting my dear is about you and your behavior." Rose told her
Melanie had a good feeling that is what Rose was going to say and that she was hoping she wasn't going to be right about this. Her behavior is no one business anyway and she took offense to what Rose is applying. Melanie is very close to throwing everyone out, let's see how they like her behavior then.
"You know what? I'm just not in the mood to do this right now so if you all could just get out so I can get some sleep and we can do this later." Mela said
"No Melanie we are doing this now." Rose said
"No your not this is my house and I didn't invite any of you here so guess what there the door and let it hit you on your way out!" Melanie yelled
With that Melanie grab her coffee and went upstairs to go back to bed
Chapter 2
A week later Rose tried to have another meeting about Melanie but this time not at Mela’s house because that plan didn't go so well. This time they were having the meeting at her house Rose knows Mela is running or hiding from something and she is going to get to the bottom of this if it takes all year. She will get her answer if Melanie knows it or not! The doorbell rang and Rose went to get it when she open the door the first person she saw was Mickey Johnson.
"Hey Rose I came over early to make sure that you are going to be okay and not a mess." Mickey said
"Which one of the girls sent you over here?" Rose asked
"None of them don't you think I can do things without the other ladies telling me to do something?" Mickey ask
"No but thanks for caring I'm fine really." Rose assure Mickey
Mickey wasn't buying it and Rose had a feeling he wasn't so they sat down on the sofa to have a little heart to heart before everyone else got here.
"Okay you want the lowdown on why I call that meeting last week at Mela's?" Rose ask
"No not really I want to know what's really going on in your head." Mickey answered
Rose really didn't want to go there right now if she talks about Melanie then it will take the attention away from the way she has been acting. The only reason why she is acting the way she is acting is because of Melanie and that is what she has to get Mickey to understand. If it wasn't for this Mela thing she wouldn't be acting the way she is acting.
"She is going to drive me crazy." Rose said
"Why? What did she do that is going to drive you crazy?" Mickey ask
"The way she been acting towards me. This whole I'm mad at you but I'm not going to tell you why." Rose
"Am I missing something here? When did you two have a fight?" Mickey ask
"That's just it Mickey we didn't but she is acting like we did and I don't know how to handle this." Rose answered
Mickey couldn't believe this is the way Melanie has been towards Rose lately because this seems very out of character her even her. She doesn't pick a fight with a person for no reason something up. Something needs to be done because if not something could be seriously wrong with their friend. The last thing Mickey want to see is something happen to one of their own.
"Rose who else know about the way Mela been acting?" Mickey ask
"The whole group but I don't think they see the way she has been acting towards me that's worry me because I don't know if they want to see it or if they don't. All I want is my best friend back I just hope we can figure out what is going on with her before it's too late. The last thing I want on my mind is that something happen to Melanie and we didn't do anything to help her get through whatever is wrong with her." Rose explain
"Don't worry Rose we will get to the bottom of this because I won't let anything happen to the two of you." Mickey said
Rose felt a little bit better but she wish instead of Mickey at her door it was Mela. She really needs to have a heart to heart with her about what's going on with her lately and if she doesn't do it soon she might miss the opportunity to do it all together and that's what worries Rose the most.
"Thanks Mickey for coming over and checking up on me my only wish is that I get to talk to Mela before it get too bad." Rose said
"Don't worry your pretty little head you will find the right time to talk to her I know it I can feel it, that soon you will get your wish and then maybe everything can get back to normal about here." Mickey said
"Maybe." Rose said
Chapter 3
Well the second meeting was a bust because Melanie never came out of her house and didn't even call to say she wasn't coming. So Rose is kinda running out of options to figure out how to talk to her “so called” friend who is avoiding her for some strange reason. She had to get to the bottom of this because if not it's going to drive her mad. Rose pick up her cell phone and speed dial Mela number hoping she would pick up. The phone went straight to voicemail. She doesn't understand what the hell is going on with Melanie Ash lately but whatever it is she needs to get over it and talk to her friends again because all they are trying to do is help her if she knows it or not! Then Rose called Mela parents hoping to shed some light on this mystery on what's up with Mela.
"Hello." Mrs. Ash said
"Hey Mrs. Ash it's Rose I have a quick question for you it's about Mela if you don't mind answering for me." Rose said
She hope by doing this someone can shed some light on Mela.
"Sure sweetie what's going on with Melanie?" Mrs. Ash ask
"She not been herself lately and I was wondering if she have talk to you or your husband about what's going on." Rose said
Mrs. Ash hasn't talk to her daughter in a moment and the last time they talk she seems fine. This news worried her and she knew what she had to do.
"Rose let me take care of this and I promise I will get back to you on what's up with Melanie okay?" Mrs. Ash told her
"Will do thanks so very much." Rose said
"Anytime sweetie take care." Mrs. Ash said
"You do the same and again thanks." Rose said
Rose hope she did the right thing by calling Mela mother about this and she hopes she not blowing this out of portion. She also doesn't want to be in anymore hot water with Mela like she is now. All Rose could do now is wait for Ms. Ash to call her back hoping she can figure out what is wrong with her child.
On the other side of town Suri Ash is on the phone with her husband telling him what Rose told her about their child and trying to get a plan together.
"Now Suri let's not overreact just because Rose called you asking if you know what's going on with Melie." Alan told his wife
"Alan don't tell me to calm down if Rose is worried then something is up and we have to figure out what is going on are you going to help me or not!" Suri yelled at her husband
"What I need you to do is just breath before you do something stupid. I mean that in the most loving way dear." Alan said
Suri took a deep breath but what her husband didn't know is that she had her keys in her hand ready to go over to Melanie house to get in the middle of things. Why she didn't mention this to her husband because she knew what he would say and she didn't want to hear his opinion on what she was about to do. She knows he will object to what she is about to do but darn it she is her mother and has a right to know what's going on with their child. She after all did bring her into this world.
"Okay I find Alan I got to run some errands so I will call you when I get back from running them okay hun. Love you." Suri said
"Love you to remember don't do anything stupid. I mean it Suri don't be sticking your nose where it doesn't belong. You know our child better than anyone else trust that she knows how to handle whatever it is that is going on in her life she can do this." Alan said
"Bye babe." Suri said
Suri never thought that man would get off the phone she looked at the clock it read 10:45 if she knows her child she shouldn’t be home for another hour and fifteen. Well maybe they could meet somewhere for lunch and that's is how she can break the ice with her child. Melie never turn down a lunch date with her why would she start now. Suri took another deep break and speed dial Melie number hoping she would pick up just her luck she did.
"Hi mama what's up?" Mela said
"Hi baby I was just wondering if you would like to have a lunch date with me today. You can pick the place." Suri said
Melanie had to think where they could go for a good lunch date. She got it.
"Mama what about that little pub restaurant Piccadilly?" Melanie ask
"Sounds good babe what time do you want to meet?" Suri ask her daughter
"Where are you?" Melanie ask
Suri couldn't figure out why Melie need to know that unless she thinks something up which she hopes not. She was wondering what to say to her child unless she thinks she outside her house or something.
"Why baby what's wrong?" Suri ask
"Well I need to talk to you and I am glad you suggested a lunch date because I have a lot of thing we need to catch up on since the last time we talk." Melanie told her mother
"I'm at home everything will be okay just meet me at Piccadilly okay." Suri told her child
"Okay will do and mama I love you." Melanie said
"Love you too Melie."
Chapter 4
Suri Ash arrived at Piccadilly and is looking for her baby girl hoping her girl is okay. Then she spots Melie and walks over to their table as she reaches the table she kisses Melie on the forehead. Melanie looks up just in time to get up to hug her mother. Melanie feels so happy that her mother is here because she really have something to get off of her chest.
The two ladies look at the menu and knew what they wanted so when the waitress came with their waters they order their food. Once that was at the way Suri looked at her daughter to see if she could see what her child was going to tell her but nothing. Suri grabbed Melie hands and took a deep breath hoping whatever her child had to tell her she would be able to handle.
"Mama my friends think there is something wrong with me but I'm just tired that all. I just need to be by myself and I can't do that if people are bothering me every second of the day. Do you understand?" Melanie ask her mother
"Why do you think they think that Melie?" Her mother ask her
"I have no flippin' clue if I did I wouldn't be sitting here asking you now would I." Melanie told her mother
"Right there that is your problem baby with your friends it's the way you talk to people lately sweetie. Don't you see that maybe because you haven't gotten your right hours of sleep you or coming off as bitchy?" Her mother pointed out
Melanie didn't think about that she thought it was her friends not her. Well when her mother just put it that way it does see a little silly that she has been down everybody throat about this situation. She knows what happens when she doesn't get enough sleep but her friends do a little bit but haven't seen the full side of her grinch side of her. Melanie felt really bad because she was thinking about the things that has been going on between her and Rose and she really needs to patch this up before anything else goes down and she loses one of her dearest friends over her not acting right.
Suri saw the light off of in her daughter head and her work here is done. She is so glad that she thought of this idea but more glad Rose told her what was going on without her help this plan might of backfire. She wonder what her daughter was going to do now that they figure out what the deal was with her.
"Baby what are you going to do after you leave me?" Suri ask her daughter
"Call a meeting with the gang it's the least I can do since I did start this problem." Melanie told her mother
"Sounds like a plan. Are we getting doggie bags for this food?" Suri ask
"Sure why not." Melanie told her mother with a smile on her face
The waiter came and Melanie told the waiter what they needed once the waiter came back with the check and their bags Melanie paid for lunch and they were on their way. Melanie gave her mother a hug and thank her for listening and helping her with her situation. Her mother told her that is what mothers are for to help their children when they need help. Melanie kiss and wave good-bye to her mother as she got into the car and drove away.
Chapter 5
It's six o'clock and Melanie is waiting for her friends to show up at her house. She had told her friends that she need them to come over to have a little get together. She just hope they are not too mad at her that they don't show up because she fix up her house just for them and she needs this for her soul for them to show up. If they don't she will feel like a failure and she doesn't want to be in that kind of mind state at the moment. Just then the doorbell rang and Melanie walk to the door hoping it was her friends. Melanie open the door to find her brother Jason smiling at her.
"Jason what the hell are you doing here?" Melanie ask
"Nice to see you too sis. I have some news for you." Jason said
"Not right now I am expecting my friends to come over so if you can just leave and we can talk later or over lunch you just set the day and time and I will be there." Melanie said
Jason wasn't leaving that fast even if she try her hardest his sister wasn't going to get rid of him that easy.
"Melanie Rebecca Ash you will listen to what I have to tell you. Your friends can wait." Jason demand
Melanie didn't have time for his games at this moment she was on pins and needles about what's going in her life to worry about what's going on in his.
"Jason do you want to die tonight?" Melanie ask
"No I don't." He reply
"Then get going or this is the last thing you will remember get my hint." Melanie said
Jason push his sister out of his way and made his way to her sofa to give her the hint that he wasn't going anywhere until they talk. Melanie couldn't believe her brother right now. Who the hell does he think he was just walking into her house like this? He doesn't pay the bills so he need to get out!
"Jason get out!" Melanie yelled
"Melanie?" Cindy Davis said
Melanie froze she couldn't move this is not the way she wanted to greet her friends. She threw a glare at Jason for making her lose control. She couldn't think what Cindy is thinking at this moment.
"Melanie are you in here?" Cindy said
Melanie took a deep breath then tried to answer Cindy but nothing came out. It's looks like she has the case of laryngitis but how could that be she was just yelling at her brother for not leaving.
"Melanie answer me I hope no one has come and kidnapped you." Cindy
"For crying out loud Cindy she in here with me." Jason said
"Jason?" Cindy said
Melanie slap her hand against her forehead. She is really going to kill her brother now. She started inching closer to him so she could kill him with her bare hands. As she got just where she wanted to kill her brother Cindy voice broke her thought process.
"Thank goodness Melanie you’re okay. Why is your door wide open?" Cindy ask
Melanie turn her head towards Cindy to see if she had a voice yet if not Jason is getting a big slap across the face. Melanie clear her throat hoping that might get her voice to come back.
"Well I'm waiting?" Cindy said
"You might be waiting for a while because it's looks like my sister just got the case of laryngitis." Jason said
Melanie started crying and fell onto the sofa. This is not how her night was suppose to go. Melanie handed her phone to her brother and her brother knew why to. Jason call their mother.
"Hello Melie." Suri said
"Not Melie mom it's Jason your child here has laryngitis so she wants me to call you so can fix this?" Jason told their mother
"Put me on speaker." Suri told her son
"You're on speaker." Jason told his mother
"Babe everything will be okay you can do this meeting when you are feeling better okay. They will not be mad at you. Jason what are you doing at your sister's? Suri ask
"Trying to tell her good news and then we started fighting and she lost her voice." Jason told his mother
"So this is your doing Jason tell the gang that the get together is going to happen another day because YOU made your sister lose her voice understand young man." Suri demand
"Yes mother love you too bye." Jason said
"I'm not..." Suri got cut off
Melanie punch Jason in the leg. Jason looked at his sister and felt sorry for her at that moment because he knows that life hasn't been kind to her but she really needs to calm down.
As the gang show up everyone was looking worried because Melanie door was wide open and Mela never leaves her door open ever. By the time Rose got to the house she knew something was up because from the car she heard chattering which is never good and saw that Mela door open. When she reach the house she look to make sure nothing was taken and found everyone in the living with Mela and Jason. She didn't know why Jason was here but if he is here something is up and not good so she wanted to hear the bad news now.
"Jason what the news?" Rose ask
"Melanie has laryngitis so whatever was going to happen tonight will have to happen another time. I am going to get her upstairs to bed and make her some tea for her throat. You can stay but I don’t know what good that will do all of you since my sister can't talk." Jason informed Rose
"How did she get laryngitis may I ask?" Rose ask
"By yelling at me." Jason answer
Rose look at Melanie hoping this wasn't true but Melanie shook her head yes then continue to cry into her hands. Rose knows something is up with her friend.
"Okay you heard Jason everyone out. Mel I will check up on you in the morning and I hope everything by then will be better. Goodnight and sweet dreams babe. Mickey come with me I have to make one stop before I go home okay." Rose said
"Sure Rose I'll follow you. Where are we going?" Mickey ask
"Your see. Night Mela." Rose said
Chapter 6
Rose and Mickey arrived at Melanie parents house. Mickey look at Rose because he had no idea what she was thinking and that scared him very much. Rose rang the doorbell and Mrs. Ash open the door with a surprise look on her face.
"Hi Rose what do I owe this visit?" Suri ask
"I just came from your daughter house and she has laryngitis by yelling at your son and when I look at her to see if it was true she nodded yes and started crying. Something is going on with her and I want to know what?" Rose said
"Yeah so do we." Voices said
Mrs. Ash, Rose and Mickey all turn around to see who said that. As they looked into the night the rest of the gang had followed Rose and Mickey them and they all sounded worried.
"Come in gang. Hey honey we have company." Suri told her husband
"Well tell them we don't want any company tell them to go away." Alan told Suri
"Really dad?" Jason said
Alan almost choke on his cookie he was eating when he heard his son voice.
"Jason I didn't know you were apart of the company of course you can come in but everyone else has to leave." Alan told his son
"We're not going anywhere until we get some answers about your daughter." Rose said
"Suri tell Rose Melie is fine and then send her and the rest of Melie friends home okay." Alan said
Suri shut the door and walk with the gang into the living room and had her hands across her chest.
"You tell them." Suri said
"What has gotten into you today?" Alan ask
"Melanie Rebecca Ash." Suri said
Alan couldn’t believe his wife just use their child full name it's not like she in trouble with her or anything. This seems very strange that both his wife and his son to act like this over Melanie.
"Has everyone lost their mind when Melanie want to tell everyone what wrong with her she will just trust her. If not then you are just going to push her farther away." Alan explains this to everyone
"Like your doing now?" Suri ask her husband
"What? What am I doing?" Alan ask Suri
"Being in denial." Suri said
"About what?" Alan ask
"Melanie what else or should I say who else." Suri said
The gang took a seat to figure what the heck was going on with Melanie parents. They have never seen them like this about Melanie before and it might shed some light on Melanie.
"You’re talking crazy Suri and you know it there is nothing wrong with our child she is just under a lot of stress that all." Alan said
"From what Alan?" Suri ask
"Work maybe she does do that remember?" Alan remind his wife
The gang felt like they were watching a tennis game going back and forth from one parent to the next about what's going on with their friend.
"Dad we know you want to protect your little girl but what if what you are doing isn't helping but hurting her?" Jason ask
"Don't be ridiculous why would I do that Jason." Alan ask his son
"Think about what he is saying really think about what he just say instead of brushing it off like you always do. Melie does the same thing when she doesn't want to hear something. She get a lot of bad traits from you and we all know that." Suri told Alan
Alan rolled his eyes at his wife because he has a feeling she did something that she wasn't suppose to do today and this is why they are fighting over their oldest child.
"Suri can I ask you a question?" Alan ask
"Shoot." Suri answer
"What did you do today?" Alan said
Suri has a feeling that Alan kind of figure out that she lie to him and now he wants the truth. If it's the truth he want then it's the truth that he get all of it even if he doesn't want to hear it or like it.
"After I got off the phone with you I call Melie to see if she want to have a lunch date. She did the talking all I did was open her eyes to what she couldn't see. I wish I could open your eyes to what's going on around you I've been trying to do this for thirty-one years and I haven't been able to have a break through yet. I still hope one day that you will take off your blinders and see what this family really is instead of your fantasy world you have try to fool people with." Suri
"That's enough out of you we will continue this conversation when Melie friends leaves you are not off the hook just yet." Alan said
"Did I say I wanted to be off the hook if it take Melie to get to you to talk about what's going on then so be it." Suri said
The group thinks it's time for them to go because this part has nothing to do with Melanie and everything about her parents marriage. They thanks everyone for their time but they really need to get going because it's getting late and they will see everyone later. Jason walk the group out once the group left is when the fireworks really started.
"How dare you say those things in front of Melie friends like that. They don't need to know all that. I will be sleeping on the sofa because I'm not talking to you for all the lies you wanted to tell." Alan said
"Lies I'll tell you lies. What you tell your people at work how rosie our life is and that we have no problems when the fact is we have way too many problems then we can deal with." Suri said
"I don't want charity from people Suri and you know that. That is why I say what I say. So don't jump on my case so what is your real problem because I know you have one." Alan said
Suri by this time is tired and all she wanted to do is talk to her baby girl and get away from her husband as fast as she could.
"You know what Alan I'm tired I need to go upstairs get my pj's on and check up on our child to make sure she okay." Suri
"If she doesn't have a voice how will you know how she is?" Alan ask his wife
"Don't be a smart ass right now Alan our child is very smart and will find a way to talk to me because she always find a way. Good night!" Sur announced
With that Suri went upstair to check up on their child.
Chapter 7
Some while later Rose held a group meeting without Melanie because she didn't want to open anymore cans of worms then she already had.
"Okay gang how is everyone doing today?" Rose ask
"Okay we guess. We are worried about Melanie parent though." They group said
"Me too that is why I call this meeting without Melanie because I don't want her to be upset at us for what we are going to talk about." Rose said
Everyone understand that Rose is just trying to figure out where are these piece lead up to. This is not what they thought these pieces would lead them to more unsolved piece. They need to figure out why they have so many open end pieces and how they can get some kind of picture because if they don't they might never figure out what is going on with their friend.
"So who want to go first?" Rose ask
Everyone look around to see who wanted to go first because they did have a lot of things to get to. They don't know if they can go through all the information that they have will help them get any closer to figuring out what going on with Mela. That is what scared Rose the most she look over at Mickey hoping he would start that would break the ice if he went first. Mickey got her drift and stood up but then he sat back down because he wanted Rose to stand up with him but in the back of his mind he knew she wouldn't go for it.
"Rose stand next to me?" Mickey ask
"Sure Mickey." Rose agree
Mickey was surprise that she would agree to do this but at this point I think everyone just wanted Mela to be okay and didn't matter who did what. Rose walked over to where Mickey was and was hoping he has a plan because she was running out on how to save their friend. Mickey took out a piece of paper and started with that.
"Okay gang we know a couple of things and I have written them down so that we keep track of what is going on with our girl. The first point is that she doesn't want to be sociable. Which we all know isn't our girl because she is the most sociable person we know well at least in our group. Does anyone disagree with this point?" Mickey ask
No had any disagreement on that and that is what was the most obvious point everyone could see. They didn't know why she didn't want to be around them and that made them feel like they weren't being good people well at least with her anyway. They knew they were good people but at the same time they know it wasn't them it was her and they had to get her back to the sociable Mela who wanted to go out and be seen. This Mela was a hermit crab who just wanted to stay in her house.
"The next point is her attitude. She has been snapping at everyone like a snapping turtle. She doesn't care who in her way or whose feeling she hurts. Mela is never this mean to so many people in such a short period of time. This is the main problem we have with her. This whole thing started with her attitude against Rose. So we need to figure out what is up her butt so she can be happy again. I don't like this Mela and I know you guys don't either. So who's with me?" Mickey ask
Everyone gave Mickey a thumbs up on what he said. Mickey was making very good points they need to figure out why Mela was so snippy with everyone. No one is buying the whole "I'm tired" bit. Something else is going and maybe they can figure out what it is if they can get near the women.
"Third point is her parents they know more about what's going on with Melanie but won't give us the whole picture. I didn't like what happen the other night when we were there. Something is serious wrong and I don't want to snoop where I don't belong but I think we have to to save this family." Mickey said
"Hold it Mickey I don't want you stepping on toes that you don't need to so how about me and Kathy talk to the Ash family for you." Cindy suggested
Mickey looked at Rose to see if she had anything to disagree with. Rose nodded her head yes at Cindy because she knows that the two of them knows the family the best. They would know how to break the ice about this subject and not step on any toes. Rose is very bless to have friends like these to help her out with situations like this if she didn't she doesn't know what she would do. Rose look over at Kathy Scott to see how she was feeling about the whole deal.
"Kathy what are you thinking?" Rose ask
Kathy was surprise Rose wanted her to talk because she really didn't feel up to saying anything all she wanted to do is be with Mela right now.
"You know what Rose you will have to get my answer another time because I have something to do right now. So I will see you all another time." Kathy said
Chapter 8
Kathy Scott rang Melanie doorbell hoping she would answer her door because she really needed her best friend at the moment. Melanie open the door and smile she was very happy to see Kathy in front of her.
"Hey you." Melanie said
"Can we talk?" Kathy said
"Sure come in what's up?" Mela ask
Kathy took Mela hand and lead her to her table sat Mela down and then close Mela door because she need Mela just to relax and not do anything for a moment.
"Hey you want something to drink?" Kathy call from the kitchen
"I have my cup on the counter." Mela told her
Kathy grab something out of the fridge for her and got Mela cup and went to rejoin her bestie at the table. Mela look at her friend worried because Kathy only acts like this when something wrong.
"Kathy what's wrong?" Mela ask
Kathy started to cry and Mela got up and went to hug Kathy. Mela knows what's wrong or she think she does.
"Kathy I'm fine." Melanie reassures her friend
"I miss you. I want to get better because if not we are both going to be like this and I hate feeling like this so please get better." Kathy said through her tears
Mela sat down and knew what she had to do because she hates to see Kathy cry over her. She knows that the ways she been acting is effecting her friends but she didn't know it was this bad. Kathy is the most special friend to Mela and if she ask her to do something she got to do it. They have been through too much to risk their friendship over this.
"Mela why do you let this get this bad? I can't believe you would let it go on for this long and not get it taken care of. If I have to move in with you until it's clear up I will you know I will. Don't cross me on that I hate when you do this to me. I swear I think you only do this so I can go crazy." Kathy said
"No I need to just need some time to think about how to do this." Mela told her
"No you don't get anymore time do you understand me." Kathy demanded
Melanie knew Kathy was right but she had a very bad feeling on what Kathy was going to tell her next.
"Well guess what is going on since you want to be all lock up in your house and not be part of sociality? Your parents might get a divorce because of what's going on with you and why is your dad lying about your family to his co-workers?" Kathy ask
Mela had a puzzle look on her face for the second half of Kathy question. How does Kathy know more than she does about her parents at this moment is what she would like to know.
"What are you talking about Kathy. My parents aren't thinking about divorcing." Mela told her
"You weren't there when we went over their the other night to try to see if they could help us shed some light on you!" Kathy yelled
Melanie felt bad but mad at the same time because she couldn't believe her friends would go to her parents instead of coming to her so she could explain what's going on.
"How dare you!" Mela yelled
"No you don't get to yell at me if you would have taken care of this then we wouldn't have to go to extreme measure to get some answers about you." Kathy said
Kathy answer knock Melanie on her ass because she never thought she would go there with her.
"Get out!" Mela yelled
"Not a snowball in hell am I leaving." Kathy reply
Melanie got up and grab Kathy arm and try to get her up out of her chair and to the door. But Kathy wasn't budging which is making Mela even madder than she already was.
"Get out of my house now!" Mela yell
"No you want me out then you will have to fight me to get me out because I am not letting do this to yourself. You are killing yourself and I will be damn if I bury you anytime soon." Kathy said
"Fuck you Kathy." Mela said
"Same back to you my dear friends so are we going to fight or not?" Kathy ask
Mela turn to go upstairs because she knows Kathy wasn't going to follow her upstairs. Kathy was one step ahead of Melanie and saw what Mela was doing and cut her off at the stairs with a grin on her face.
"What the hell Kathy move out of my way." Mela said
"No." Kathy said
Mela couldn't believe this chick wasn't going to let her go upstairs well Mela had more ideas up her sleeves let's hope Kathy could keep up. Mela grab her keys and walk to her back door so she could go to her parents house to be left alone. Kathy grab her keys and follow Mela out her back door but lock it before closing it. Kathy wasn't going to let Mela out of her sight that easy she is stuck like glue to Mela.
Chapter 9
Melanie rang her parents doorbell and her mother open the door and is surprise to see her baby girl at her door.
"Everything okay Melie?" Her mother ask
"Shut and lock the door do not on any circumstances open the door when the bell rings! I am going to my room to get some rest." Mela told her mother
"Okay baby." Suri said
The doorbell rang.
"Don't answer it!" Mela yell from her room
Suri didn't want to be rude but she wanted to know who was on the other side of her door and why her child didn't want her to answer the door. She couldn't stand it any longer so she open the door and to her surprise it was Kathy standing at her door.
"Mother!" Melanie voice rang out
Suri turn to find Melie looking at her from the top of the stairs. She felt bad that she didn't listen to her child but this is after all her house not Melie.
"I think you did a wonderful job Mrs. Ash by answering your door. How was your sleep Mela?" Kathy ask
"I haven't taken my nap yet because of you!" Melanie yelled
"Poor baby she can't get any sleep what shall we do about this dilemma?" Kathy said
"You know what I want to do to your face Kathy?" Melanie ask her friend
"What?" Kathy answered
"Slap it." Melanie told her
"I'm standing right here come and get me." Kathy said
Just the words Mela was hoping Kathy would say to her. Melanie rush down the stairs and slap Kathy right across the face. Suri grasp at the way the girls were behaving towards each other she wonders what has gotten into them. Kathy slap Mela right back and from then the fight was on the two girls grab hair, rolled around on the floor and call each other names. Suri got right in between the two women to stop them from trying to kill each other and get to the bottom of this whole mess.
"That enough you two now what is this all about?" Suri ask
"You and daddy are leaving each other!" Mela cried
Suri look at her child like she lost her mind. What she just said was completely false and she has no idea where she would get an idea like that but she is about to find out.
"Kathy what is Melie talking about?" Suri ask
"I told her that the two are you might be getting a divorce over what's is going on with her." Kathy explains
Suri couldn't believe Kathy would tell something like that to Mela. Their troubles had nothing to do with their child behavior and it's no one business to tell her otherwise.
"Kathy you had no right to tell her anything if you didn't have all the facts you know that. I want you to tell Melie you are sorry for lying to her and after that I need you to leave." Sur told Kathy
"Sorry Melanie." Kathy said
Then just like that Kathy was on her way. Suri shut the door behind her and return to her daughter side they made their way to the sofa so they can talk about what just happen.
"Baby come here if me and your daddy were going to leave each other don't you think we would have told you and your brother first?" Suri ask
Melanie nodded her head.
"Why would you believe Kathy any way?" Her mother ask her
"She said something about the gang coming over here the other night and you guys fighting or something." Melanie told her mother
Now this makes sense to Suri but it doesn't explain why in the world would Kathy tell Mela something she had no business telling her. Suri held her baby girl closer to her and rock her back and forth like she was little until she fell asleep. Once Mela was asleep on the sofa Suri got up to make a phone call outside.
"Alan I need you." Suri said
"It's the middle of the day babe can't it wait until tonight?" Alan ask
"No not that kind of need. I need your help with Mela I think she might be getting worse." Suri told her husband
"Why do you say that?" Alan ask his wife
"Well you miss the action where Kathy and Melie were fighting in our house." Suri said
"What? Why? Did anyone get hurt?" Alan ask
"Everyone fine Melie asleep on the sofa and I sent Kathy on her way. Why there were fighting is because Melie thinks we are getting a divorce and Kathy put that idea in her head. Kathy told Melie about the gang being over her the other night and us fighting." Suri said
This news didn't make Alan happy one bit. Melie doesn't need to be under stress the doctors told them that and this news isn't helping Melie. Melie heart can't take that kind of stress and the last thing he wants to do is go to the hospital because of Kathy big mouth. Alan knew what he had to do and told his wife that he will talk to her later and to keep and eye on their girl.
Suri got off the phone and came back into the house to find Melie gone from the sofa and in the kitchen trying to find some food.
"You didn't sleep very long darling." Suri said
"I know it's my body it won't let me sleep very long these days." Mela told her mother
"Do you want to try your bed or my bed to get back to sleep?" She ask her daughter
"No I'm good sorry for earlier." Mela said
Then the doorbell rang and they both look at each other because they were not expecting any company.
"It's open." Suri called from the kitchen
Just then Jason came busting through the door.
"Melie where are you?" He called out to his sister
"Right here what's wrong?" She ask her brother
Jason went into the kitchen and hugged his sister. He was very happy to see her and then look her over to see if she had any bruises on her.
"Um Jason honey what are you doing?" Their mother ask him
"Making sure their is no marks on Melie." He answered his mother
"Why?" Both women ask
"Why is because of Kathy of course." Jason answered them
Suri couldn't believe her husband call their son over to get Melie check out like he was some kind of doctor but she told him she was fine. She hates when he doesn't listen to her. Suri look over at Melie and she had a puzzle look on her face.
"I am taking you to see Doctor Todd." Jason said
"No your not." Mela told her brother
"Why?" Their mother ask
"So he can check out her heart." Jason answered
Suri thinks this is getting out of control and she needs to nip this in the butt before it goes any further.
"No one is going anywhere and your sister is fine and healthy do you understand me Jason. By the way son you can't just walk into Doctor Todd office without an appointment you know that." Their mother reminded him
Jason rolled his eyes at his mother and try to get Melie to come with him to his car so he can take her to the doctor's office. Melie wasn't bugging because she wanted to finish the sandwich she just made and she would be damn if her brother took her away from the food she just made.
"Jason I'm not going anywhere with you. I am staying right here with mama do you understand me?" Mela told her brother
"But sissy" Jason said
"Don't but sissy me now if you excuse me I need to talk to mother." Mela told her brother
Jason got in front of the doorway so both ladies couldn't leave. They were going to hear him out if it's the last thing they do today.
"I didn't just drive all the way over here for my health. I drove over here for your health Melanie Rebecca Ash and you will listen to what I have to tell you if not you’re not leaving this kitchen. Understood." Jason said
"I'm not agreeing to anything I had a very stressful day and all I want to do is eat my food in peace. Unless you want me to die in this kitchen it would best getting out of my way." Melanie said
With that being said Jason move out of his sister way so she could eat.
Chapter 10
Rose woke up in a cold sweat because of a dream she had it concerning Mela. She looked at the clocked it read 4:45am she knew that Melanie wouldn't be up but she couldn't shake the dream it felt very real. She got out of bed and decided to get ready for her day. She knew that she will see Melanie later on this morning because she knew that they needed to talk about what's going on with her. This dream didn't help her either about her being worry about her friend it just got her more anxiety about everything.
Rose is now dress and in the kitchen trying to figure out what to eat when her phone rang she answers it.
"Hello?" Rose ask
"Hey Rose it's me Mickey I'm worried about Kathy." Mickey said
"Why what's going on with Kathy?" Rose ask
"I don't know I think her and Mela had some kind of fight because when I talk to her last she seem like upset at Mela but I couldn't get too much out of her so I was wondering if you could see what's up. It's bad enough that we have one friend acting strange we don't need another." Mickey told her
Mikey did make a good point now Rose has more on her plate not what she needed this morning. She thanks Mickey for calling her and hung up the phone. She now needed a plan to figure out what was going on with Kathy and to see if she would tell her about what's been going on with the two of them. It's bad enough that one friend is holding secrets she doesn't need another one doing the same thing. She needs to get this taking care of now. Rose grab her phone and dial Kathy number hoping that she was up.
"Hello." Kathy said sleepily
"You up?" Rose ask
"Not really why what's up?" Kathy answer
"You tell me?" Rose question her
Kathy sat up in bed thinking what she did to deserve Rose calling her with that kind of tone in her phone. She couldn't think of anything at the moment but if she keeps asking questions she will get answers to what this is all about.
"Don't know what you are referring to?" Kathy said
"One name Melanie." Rose said
Oh boy Rose found out about the fight she had with Mela and now wants to know why. This couldn't be good but who told her is what she wants to know. She knows that she hasn't talk to anybody recently to get Rose upset.
"How did you find out?" Kathy ask
"Don't worry about that just tell me what's going on between the two of you?" Rose ask
"We had a fight and now I'm not talking to her that's all nothing to worry about it will blow over in a couple of days." Kathy reassured Rose
Rose didn't know if she needed to believe what Kathy was telling her or not but she did for the time being just so she could get off the phone with her.
"Okay I am trusting that everything will blow over in a couple of days. If not you’re in trouble with me got it?" Rose said
"Yeah I got it." Kathy said
Rose hung up the phone and looked at the clock it read 6:00 am she really needs to go back to bed but she not so she called someone she knew who would be up.
"Hello." A voice said
"Hey you up?" Rose ask
"Yeah why you couldn't sleep again?" the voice ask
"You know me so well I swear you do. What are you doing?" Rose ask
"Waiting for your call." The voice answer
"Shut up for real what are you doing?" Rose ask
"Watching a movie." The voice answer
"How far are you into the movie?" Rose ask
"What is this twenty question or something?" The voice ask
"You didn't answer my question." Rose said
"Do I have to?" The voice ask
Rose laugh she loves that she could call this person and this person could make her day.
"Well I will let you go and I will see you later okay." Rose said
"Are we have any meeting today?" The voice said
"Don't think so but who knows what the day holds and what craziness people get into." Rose said
"So what you are telling me is to stay tune." The voice answer
"That's is so right. I love how you know my saying. Well I love you and I will see you later." Rose said
"Love you too see ya later." The voice said
Chapter 11
Rose arrived at Melanie doorstep hoping that she was having a good day today because she really didn't feel like dealing with her shit today. She rang the doorbell Mela open the door and is surprise to see Rose.
"May I help you?" Melanie ask
"No hi or good afternoon for me Mela?" Rose ask
"No what do you want?" Melanie ask
Rose hates when Mela acts like this. She must of not gotten up on the wrong side of the bed.
"So I heard that you are fighting with Kathy now." Rose said
"Yeah it has nothing to do with you so you can turn around now and leave. Me and Kathy have this under control." Melanie told Rose
"No so fast Melanie what is going on with you and why do you want to pick fights with people who are only trying to help you?" Rose
"The only people who can help me are my family and they are doing the best they can so butt out!" Mela yell
Rose doesn't want to get Melanie upset but clearly this is a very sensitive subject and of course whatever is going on with her is probably eating her alive that she can't tell her friends. That is going to change because Rose is going to get Melanie to tell her what is wrong with her today and right now.
"Mela I need to know what wrong with you and don't lie to me either. You know I hate when people lie and I know something wrong because you are acting very out of character even for you. I know you notice it and I promise I won't tell just tell me what is so bad that you can't tell anyone what's wrong with you. How bad is it whatever you have? I need you to be completely honest with me because I am driving myself crazy at night worrying if I will see you the next day and I really don't like living like this. Are you mad at Kathy because she trying to get an answer out of you. You are making the whole group nuts over what's wrong with you. I do hope you know that because to make a bunch of people go insane over one person is just crazy. Sooner or later someone is going to lock all of us up because we will lose our minds over you. So just spit it out because I'm going to stop caring and that the last thing you want me to do because it will destroy our friendship and I know that is not what you want." Rose said
Well Melanie could hide it any longer from Rose because she made a very good case and she really doesn't want to do this but Rose has put her in a corner and there is nowhere for her to run. This is so unfair and all she wants is people to leave her alone but she doesn't want her friends to go crazy over her so here goes nothing.
"Rose i'm dying." Melanie told her friend
Rose couldn't believe what Melanie just told her. There must be a mistake in what Rose just heard Mela told her.
"Come again." Rose said
Melanie told Rose to come in and sit on the sofa while she explain why she couldn't tell anyone.
"Rose I need you to be okay. I've known about this for a while and I don't know when I will go but I do know that I need you and the rest of the gang to just stop bugging me okay. Katy knows about this she is the only person besides you who now knows. I can't go into details about what I have because my parents don't want to worry anyone they have done enough of that for a lifetime. The fight you guys saw was because of me and I already told my parents that they shouldn't have said what they said in front of you. Why because now everyone is trying to save our family and you guys don't even know from what. Don't try to save us we will be just fine okay. Why Kathy and I are fighting is because she doesn't want me to die and she made a point that I haven't been taking care of myself as well as I should. I'm not trying to make everyone goes crazy over me but I just can't let you guys be in pain either so I rather you guys be mad at me if that makes any sense. You have to promise me that you won't tell a single soul what I am telling you because as you see how things are going when you guys do find things out. It's just turns into a bigger mess so just keep this to yourself can you do that for me?" Mela ask
Rose had tears running down her face and all she wanted to do is hug and hold Melanie. She wish she could do something about whatever Mela had because she now knows how Kathy is feeling. Rose grab Mela and gave her a big hug and Mela hugged her back. The two women sat there hugging each other for a very long time once they got down hugging each other they didn't say anything to each other. Rose showed herself out and headed home.
Once Rose got home she went upstairs to her bedroom and got her diary out because she couldn't keep this to herself.
Dear Diary,
Today I went over to Mela house to figure out what the hell is going on with her and boy I really kind of regret trying to figure it out now. She told me she is dying but she didn't tell me from what. I don't want my best friend to die we still have still so much to do and she is so young. I want to tell the gang but I promise her that I wouldn't. The only other person who know about this is Kathy who is right now mad at Mela and I know why too. Kathy doesn't want Mela to die why didn't she just tell us this years ago. Oh wait she didn't want to worry us but the last couple of weeks have been hell trying to figure out what is going on with her and I just wish I could wish her illness away but I know I can't I just wish I knew how much more time we had with her.
Chapter 12
The sun rise up on over the trees in Glennwood but today was a somber day for Rose and company why because today was Melanie Rebecca Ash funeral. Rose and company rang The Ash's doorbell and Jason answer the door. Rose hugged Jason as she move into the house and one by one everyone hugged Jason .
"Thanks guys for coming over we are almost ready." Jason said
"No problem how is your mother holding up?" Rose ask
"Not good at all she has been crying ever since Melie died." Jason said
"Jason baby who was at the door." Suri ask her son
"The gang." Jason answer his mother
The next minute Jason turn to see his mother coming down the stairs he met her halfway to help her down the rest of the way. Suri Ash smile at the gang the gang went over to Mrs. Ash and gave her a group hug. They know she needed it because she didn't just lose her oldest child she lost her baby girl because Melanie was her only girl. This had to be the hardest thing that the Ash family is going to do in their lifetime. While the gang was hugging Mrs. Ash Mr. Ash came down and went into the kitchen then the next minute there was a crash sound from the kitchen. Everyone stop hugging and walk toward the kitchen to figure out what broke.
"What's broke?" Jason ask his father
"My soul." Alan told his son
Suri went over to her husband and gave him the biggest hugged she could because he needed more than she did. Suri look on the kitchen floor to see what he broke and it was a couple of mugs which they can pick up another day.
"We can't break down now that's not what Melie would want we have to just take this as well as we can. She wouldn't want you to be this upset at her being gone and we both know that. So finish getting dress so we can get to the church okay?" Suri told her husband
"This shouldn’t be happening to us now. She was too young why now?" Alan ask Suri
"It was her time and we might not understand why God took our girl but we can't going around being angry about it. We will see her again you know that now go finish getting dress." Suri told her husband
Alan went back upstairs to finish getting dress Jason follow his father to help him finish getting dress. While the boys to that the doorbell rang again and Suri answer it this time. To her surprise it was the gang parents at the door this time with support. At that moment Suri broke down in tears she couldn't imagine how much love she was getting. Alan ran to the top of the steps to figure out what Suri was crying and when he look who was at the door he smile. They are very lucky to have very good friends who will be there for them in their time of need. The gang walk over to what Mrs. Ash was stand and lead her to the sofa while their parents let themselves in. The guys went upstair to where Alan was while the ladies went were Suri was.
"We sorry for making you cry?" The ladies said
"Don't be Melie is love and I know when we get to the church it's going to be packed. I don't know if I can make it without crying but I will sure as hell try. That's all I can do right is try to be strong for my baby girl. I just want this day to be over with because it having a horrible effect on Alan he broke our coffee mugs. He not doing well at all Melie was his heart his light the reason he did things. Now that she is gone I don't know what is going to happen to him." Suri said
"Mom dad is ready." Jason said
"Okay were the limos?" Suri ask
"Outside." Mickey told Mela mother
"Okay gang let's say goodbye to our girl." Suri said
So one bye one everyone left the Ash house and into the limos which took them to the church. It was very long drive to the church but also very sad one no really talk the whole ride there. Maybe because no one knew what to say to Mela parents Rose looked out the window remembering the better times she had with her friend. She remembers when Mela told her that get got accepted into her dream college and how everyone was so happy for her. Then another time when Mela told her about the death of her grandfather and Rose and company went to the funeral with her for support. They have been through so much together and today is just like those other memories but this time Mela is the one missing from the picture because they are saying bye to her. This is one of the worst days in Rose's life because she never expected to say goodbye to one of her dearest friends this early in life but when it's your time to go it's your time to go. Then the limo stop and Rose snapped out of her thought process and look at why they stopped. They had arrived at the church. Everyone in the limo was nervous to get out of the limo because they knew what lies ahead of them but they got the nerve to get out of the limo and walk into that church.
The church was packed like Suri knew it would be because Melie touch so many people lives in the town if she knew it or not. As the family and friends made their way down to their seat everyone was touching their hands and saying things like may God bless you. Once they got in their seats the high school choir was there and sang the song The Lord Bless You and Keep You that is how the service started.
Then the priest started with telling the family how very sorry for their loss and Mrs. Ash nodded her head for the kind words. Rose look at Mrs. Ash who just looked miles away like she was with Mela right now instead of here at the church which might be her way of coping with the loss of her child. She wonder what Mrs. Ash is thinking but soon everyone would hear her speak about her child and she knows that it would be a very hard for her to stand up in front of the church and talk about her baby. Then Rose look the other way at Kathy would face was bury in Mickey chest and on the other side of Mickey is Cindy who head was leaning on Mickey should listening quietly. Slowly but carefully Rose look at all of their friends to see how they were holding up and it's was just so sad to see their faces so confuse and looking like why God why her. Trying to make sense of this whole situation at the moment that they are in. It doesn't feel real to Rose more like a nightmare that she can't get out of.
Rose look at Mela family members and their faces are like the same as the friends just looking for answers to this tragedy that just gotten bestow upon their family. Rose wish she had an answer to give everyone but she is to looking for answers on why this happen to Mela and how are they going to move on from this and keep her memory alive. That would be the next step in this is how to keep Mela memory alive and they will probably talk to Mrs. Ash about that but not anytime soon.
The priest talk a little bit longer then as if anyone wanted to say a few words about Melanie. Rose look at the gang and everyone nodded their heads but who to go first is the question want to know.
"Whose going up first?" Rose whispered
"You." The gang whisper back
"Nice." Rose said
Rose got up from her spot and walk over to the panel and smile at everyone at the church before beginning. She had no idea what she was going to say but she had to think of something or she is going to look like an idiot standing up here not saying anything.
"What can I say about Mela? Well she was a great person always love to have fun enjoyed life to the fullest and was a people person. She had a smile that could light up any room and a laugh that was like no other. She could always put you in a good mood by saying just the right things. She always kept her promise and help out whenever should could. She didn't tell anybody what was going on because she didn't want people to treat or look at her any differently. When she did tell me what was going on I was very shock and scared because I didn't know what to say or do. I have never felt so helpless in my whole life and when she told me not to tell anybody else the only the person I told was my diary. When she told me that Kathy was the only other person who knew about this. I started to piece things together on why Kathy and Mela was fighting but still hard to believe that she is really gone. I think the thing I will miss is calling her just to see what she is doing and see if she wants any company. She also had the best jokes in the world man what I wouldn't do to hear one of her jokes right now. What I want you to all remember is Mela outlook on light was so amazing that no one could break her spirit. But that is one thing this disease did was take her joy and spirit for life and made her a person who was very unrecognizable to the people she was closest to. In conclusion I want everyone here today to just enjoy the time they had with one of our own. That is what Melanie would have wanted no tears of saddest but tears of joy so this is for you my dear Melanie. Thank you." Rose said
After Rose finish talking everyone gave her a standing ovation for the lovely speech. She was very flattered but all she did was tell it like it was and what Melanie would have wanted. So one by one the gang said what they had to say about Melanie and they were all very touching stories. Then after the gang went it was her family turn one by one they all had wonderful stories to tell about their girl but when Melanie mother got up to talk everyone held their breath. They didn't know if she would make it through whatever she had to say without breaking down. So Mr. Ash and her son Jason stood on either side of her just in case something was to happen.
"Hello everyone I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would be up here to say goodbye to my baby girl Melanie Rebecca Ash. I truly don't know how to thank all of you for coming today because it means so much to Melie to see all your faces here today. Melie is the family nickname she had since she was younger. It was Jason who actually started calling her that when they were younger just to bother her. Every time Jason would call her that I would here “Mom! Tell Jason to stop calling me this ridiculous name because I won't answer.” If Jason would get in trouble he would always tell me that Melie did it. Melie nine out of ten time would slap him or punch him every time he call her that name. Then a fight would break out and I would have to get their father to break it up because they would be rolling around on the floor and Melie would always be stucker punching the life out of her brother. That girl had an arm on her believe it or not. Don't let her catch you trying to hurt her brother or it was on she was a very protective sister no one could mess with Jason but her.
Jason would bug her to go camping him every summer in the backyard and after she got annoyed with a week long plead from Jason she would give in and say yes. Every time she said yes his face light up like a christmas tree and he would be running around the house like he just was the piston cup or something. Even though she never admitted it she love camping with her brother because they are the best of friends. While they were in the backyard they would have so many adventures you wouldn't believe.
I remember when Melie had to go to school for the first time that almost killed Jason because he wanted to know where his best friend went. When I told him he was to go to but he wasn't old enough just yet and went the time did come he was so excited. I remember him telling me how cool it was to be riding the same bus as his sister. I couldn't be more happy to see him happy again that he reunited with his sister.
Now I look at his face and my heart just ache for him because once again he has lost his best friend but this time it's for good. I have no words to tell him but one day you will see her again. We will all see her again and when we do she will be at the gates waiting for us so the real party can begin. Thank You." Suri Ash told the church
Five months Later...
"How did that make you feel Rose?" Rose's Psychologist ask her
"Sad." Rose answer
"Why?" The Psychologist ask
"Why because i'm not over her death and I don't think I'll ever will be." Rose said

The End

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