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Author Topic: I LOVE EDT! ♥ (My Review/Rating)
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Post I LOVE EDT! ♥ (My Review/Rating)
on: June 11, 2012, 13:20

Album: Enamorada De Ti
Artist: Selena
Release Date: April 3rd 2012


Tracklisting (Wal*Mart Exclusive):
1. No Me Queda Mas
2. Amor Prohibido – Con Samo
3. Tus Desprecios
4. Como La Flor – Con Cristian Castro
5. Fotos Y Recuerdos – Con Don Omar
6. Bidi Bidi Bom Bom – Con Selena Gomez
7. Ya No
8. Techno Cumbia
9. El Chico Del Apartamento 512
10. Enamorada De Ti (Merengue Mix) – Con Juan Magan
11. Cobarde (Version Acustica)
12. Si Una Vez (Version Acustica)
13. No Quiero Saber (Version Acustica)

okay so this is not really a conversation topic...(unless you want to add on to it) but its more like my feedback or review...:)

Okay! so i Enamorada De Ti! My favorite track is Bidi Bidi Bom Bom Feat. Selena Gomez! As soon as SG sang it on tour...i''''''''ve been waiting for the studio version! I LOVE that they remixed the old songs (Wal*Mart Exclusive) and made them sound more fresh and up to date! I really love "No Quiero Saber" and "Tus Desprecios"! Theres only 3 SONGS i DON''T LIKE...its "Como La Flor" only because its my favorite Selena song EVER! and it was better left untouched, Techno Cumbia 2012, and El Chico Del Apartamento 512...well at least without a duet...and im not really a big fan of Mariachi...but overall...i LOVED IT! wish the booklet would have had more...but i loved it! I was really surprised they used a picture never used for the cover! they usually use the Agree Shoot! LOL! but i also loved how WalMart had an exclusive album!

I give the album an 7/10 because the song i didnt like (CLF) and wish there was more to the booklet...but I LIKED IT! ♥♥♥♥

Hopefully the new album has better known artists (POP artists) and is 10x better! Can''t Wait!


♥♥♥♥♥RIP Selena Quintanilla Perez
The Queen of Tejano♥♥♥♥♥

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Post Re: I LOVE EDT! ♥ (My Review/Rating)
on: June 11, 2012, 13:40

Well I was in favor of the album the first two weeks until I listened to it...The only good ones were Enamorada de Ti, Is It the Beat?, Tus Deprecious, and Fotos y Recuerdos..all the others were tasteless and CLF was the worse of them all. I guess its because of its Mexican/Tejano sounds which I am not a fan of. I give the album a 4/10

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Post Re: I LOVE EDT! ♥ (My Review/Rating)
on: June 11, 2012, 16:11

I absolutely love No Me Queda mas!!!! And Tus Desprecios are the highlights IMO.....Fotos y Recuerdos was also good. I got tired of Amor Prohibido and Como la Flor after the first chorus.... and Techno Cumbia is ehhh.......average.....But Enamorada de ti is also a HIT too! Its a nice change though....I recommend it!


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Post Re: I LOVE EDT! ♥ (My Review/Rating)
on: June 11, 2012, 16:46

Here is my separate rating for each song...

No Me Queda Mas - I thought No Me Queda Mas was the best out of all of them, it was nice, slow, but it also had a nice, soft rock sound to it, and I am absolutely ecstatic that they chose the original vocals instead of the redone vocals that she did for the music video in 1994. 5/5

Amor Prohibido - Not as strong as I think it should of been. Samo''s constant "Ohhh..." and Ohhhh Yeayahhh" was really detracting from the sound in my opinion... 4.5/5

Tus Desprecios - One of my favorites alongside No Me Queda Mas. It was nice, calm, and it was nice to hear how true her voice was in this song, especially on the parts when she sang "Estan Matando". 5/5

Como La Flor - I don''t prefer Como La Flor at all... It''s too slow for the song it originally was, and Cristian Castro was just not, in my opinion, a good choice for this song... 1.5/5

Fotos y Recuerdos - I like the overall beat of this song, but, like Amor Prohibido, it seems as if Don Omar is overpowering in comparison to Selena''s voice... 4.5/5

Bidi Bidi Bom Bom - I''ll admit, I''m not a good fan of Selena Gomez, but I''ll also admit that she did a brilliant job on this song. 5/5

Ya No - I absolutely love this recreation. This song on it''s own is completely underrated, but this version is completely amazing, and definitely fits Selena''s vocals, this song is also another good example of hearing Selena''s voice clearly.

Techno Cumbia - I thought it sounded a little too much like the original, but just a modern rock sound... 3.5/5

El Chico Del Apartamento 512 - Brilliant, I could find nothing to complain about in this song. It truly is a nice, modernized representation of what Selena''s sound could''ve been had she lived. 5/5

Enamorada de Ti - This version is also quite good, but I still prefer the original over it. 4.5/5

Is it the Beat- I don''t see what everyone sees in this one. It''s a more upbeat style dance track, and Selena''s voice is autotuned... Not a fan... 2/5

Cobarde - I loved all of the acoustic versions of the songs on the Wal-Mart Deluxe edition, but I think this one was the best. You could hear Selena''s voice a lot more than you could here the vocals, and the last time she sang "Cobarde" at the end was enough to cause tears come to my eyes. 5/5

Si Una Vez - I absolutely loved this version as well. If I only had one complaint it would be that at the beginning she said "De todo te arrepentiras..." instead of "No reconoces ni lo que es amar...". Other than that, another beautiful recreation of one of my favorite songs of hers. 5/5

No Quiero Saber - This one was also amazing. It has a nice upbeat rhythm to it, despite the fact that is only played with an acoustic guitar. 5/5



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Post Re: I LOVE EDT! ♥ (My Review/Rating)
on: June 12, 2012, 22:54

i played the album and i love it i give her album a number one all of her cds that she always recorded even her very last studio album dreaming of you was number one

I love [embed][/embed] I luv you selena

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Post Re: I LOVE EDT! ♥ (My Review/Rating)
on: June 12, 2012, 23:03

I love no me queda mas and si una vez (acoustic)...


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Post Re: I LOVE EDT! ♥ (My Review/Rating)
on: June 13, 2012, 15:14

The album is amazing! I CANNOT listen to Is it the Beat? without my beats headphones it sounds amazing! @_@

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Post Re: I LOVE EDT! ♥ (My Review/Rating)
on: August 19, 2012, 21:22

When I first got it there were a lot of tracks I didn't like but now since I had it for a while the songs have grown on me and I love album but I still don't like ya no sorry. 9/10

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